Dominica: Scot's Head

Scot's Head is the name of a landmark, a bay and the southernmost town in Dominica. About 30 miles (50 km) to the south (right) is Martinique.

Snorkeling and diving in the bay are wonderful. There's a beach at the foot of Scot's Head. The waters of the bay drop in a series of shelves, and whales are known to enter and frolic a few hundred feet from the shore.

View from atop Scot's Head. The Atlantic is on the right and Scot's Head Bay, which opens to the Caribbean Sea, is on the left.

Looking into Scot's Head Bay from the beach at the foot of Scot's Head.

The town of Scot's Head Bay seen from atop Scot's Head.

Scot's Head itself.

The capital city, Roseau, can be seen from Scot's Head, looking out the mouth of the bay. The buildings can't be made out from this distance; the white object you can see is a large cruise ship in Roseau harbor. The cruise ships dwarf any building in Dominica, even the largest hotel!

Afraid to look down? Scot's Head Bay as seen looking down from up on Scot's Head.

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